Friday, July 25, 2008


Seems the person that is not me (see below) changed the name of her blog after my comment yesterday. It most of the times helps to react and point things out. Or there will never be any changes of things that aren't as they should be.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Links fell off... sry abt that

And of course the links fell off my first post...
Had totally forgotten how to write links... was a long time ago. Edited first post now and links are as supposed to be.

I'm lazy

I'm lazy... so I now start this pre-canned blog. In addition to the WordPress one linked to from my own site which I almost never write in... It was too easy to create this.

This happened only because I got here by mistake when researching a Google problem the editors at work (I work at the Mac Helpdesk at Scandinavias's largest daily newspaper) are having tonight. Googling something to recreate the problem I googled on my own domain-name – and found someone was using that for her blogname... So now, here I come too...

The blog that is not mine is found here - and she is NOT me.

Working nights this week (3 more nights to go) and it is very quiet or I wouldn't have had the time to start a blog. This night is very soon over though and I can go home and sleep.

My regular site is found here here